Art Goddess | Abstract Portrait Painting

This is an abstract portrait painting of an Art Goddess. The artwork is 9″x12″ and was created with pens, watercolor, paint pens, and markers. Multiple layers of medium were energetically and organically built up to create an abstract female face, with broad strokes of watercolor and detailed pen lines used to push and pull the space. The essence of creativity is playfully depicted as an Art Goddess, with the face as an almost universally recognizable lead in to the visual art.

As I’ve grown into art, I realized that I have developed a deliberate way of expressing myself visually. Perhaps the same way that some have a deeper understanding of other tools for expression and communication, like math, language, or music. I feel a deep appreciation for those other creative processes, even though I don’t understand the intricacies of them, I know there are areas of overlap and mutual insight. So I added a few subtle reminders of other tools that enrich and nurture visual art.

I also wondered, if more people were taught to convey emotions or concepts via color and shape more consistently, what new ways of thinking about the world would we discover? What unknown creativity awaits behind the Goddess’ eyes? And what flashes behind yours?

Abstract Portrait Painting of an Art Goddess

14 Replies to “Art Goddess | Abstract Portrait Painting”

  1. Hi Michael,
    This is really a rich piece in color and form . I love the subtle little elements of math and lettering. It’s a wonderful tribute to arts and intellectual endeavors.

    Her eyes seem familiar and warm and inviting.

  2. The eyes are mesmerizing. And I love the little details one can pick out as one studies and absorbs this piece.

    Lovely work, man.

  3. I think that you’ve found your art focus and style here, Michael. This is just magical! I love the colors, of course.

    My costuming label was Blue Goddess~
    PS Would you please email me re your sketches of Mr. Frank?

  4. Hi Lou,
    Thanks for mentioning the details, I enjoyed pushing this one a little further than usual.

  5. Thanks for commenting Sara. πŸ™‚ I visited your portfolio and I like the the rich colors in your artwork. The flowers are really sweet and personal feeling being so close up, yet they’re not overwhelming. Nice work!

  6. Thanks Dina! I was feeling more comfortable than usual while creating this one, so I think you’re right!

    I’ll email those sketches.

  7. hi Michael!!!
    This is just beautifullllll..!!!!
    It seems as if ,the,Goddess has found what she really wanted….VERY PLEASING!!!
    Gud Luck for ur work…
    God Bless!!

  8. i think these abstract portraits are amazing, i am actually applying to an art highschool, and i have to make a portrait of myself, and these gave me a lot of inspiration

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