Acrylic Portrait Painting of a Girl

This is an acrylic portrait painting of a girl created in 1998. Warm colors pervade the background, like sunlight reflecting down on her hair, colored golden browns, yellow, and a touch of black and sienna. She holds a somber expression, eyes closed, deep in thought. The thick paint swirls around the canvas in brush stroke motions that convey the energy and physical attributes of the girl. Larger areas of consistent color and value help to define the planes of the subject, while paint mixed directly on the canvas adds tension and depth.

Acrylic Portrait Painting of a Girl or Woman

9 Replies to “Acrylic Portrait Painting of a Girl”

  1. Whoa! I think this is your best drawing on this site! I love how the girl seems to be made of paint. She has an unbelievably real quality to her, I feel like she could turn to face me at any moment!

  2. Thanks Capt_Poco,
    I appreciate your comments on this painting. It does not get noticed often. 🙂

  3. its a really gd painting but do u have a name 4 it? its just it seems weird to call it ‘acrilic painting of a girl’! plz answer! ; )

  4. hi again! i’ve chosen this piccie 4 my school project and i jst want 2 know if the blue splodge on her hair is deliberate or accidental????!!! look closely… thanx : )

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