Abstract Woman Drawing, Female Portrait

The following 2 artworks are abstract pen and ink drawings of women, or female portraits. The first portrait drawing is at three quarters view, with heavy eye shadow, a few locks of hair, and subtle lips. Water washes help to take the edge off the sharp pen lines. The second portrait drawing of a woman includes green and yellow colors for her earrings. The artwork is a complete profile, accentuating the eyes, nose, and flowing hair.

Abstract drawing of a Woman

Abstract Pen and Ink drawing of a Female

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  1. Hi Didrich,
    Thanks for your interest in my artwork. It depends upon how the artwork is used, ie. book cover, postcard, etc. I have emailed you privately with more information.


  2. hi Michael,
    I’m Kristin and I’m 14 years old and I’m an artist myself. I love your work and I would love for you to give me some tips!
    P.S. I go to cantabury high school. Look it up on google!!!!! 🙂

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