Abstract Drawing of Clarity

Expression without fear is often followed by more self awareness for me. Whether it’s through music, writing, dance, visual art, talking, or some other type of introspective activity, it helps me reach a new perspective about my life. I feel like I have some clarity. The drawing below is an abstract representation of a part of the process. The artwork is drawn on two sheets of 12″x9″ card stock paper, with pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and paint pens.

Abstract Impressionist Drawing of the Feeling of Clarity

Abstract Impressionist Painting of the Feeling of Clarity, Part 1

Abstract Impressionist Painting of the Feeling of Clarity, Part 2

8 Replies to “Abstract Drawing of Clarity”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I enjoy using diptychs and triptychs formats also. There’s something visually great fun about more than one panel.
    I also like the tight shots you provided here. It shows an extraordinary amount of detail we loose in the wider images. Very cool.

  2. Michael, I love this interpretation of the concept of clarity. And I love your approach to it by creating a diptych. Would love to see these on two big panels!

  3. Thanks Vikki!
    I agree! There is also something interesting about space between panels of a continuous image. When they’re up on the wall it’s like looking through a window to the art world.


  4. I really like your work, this one especially.. Great colour combinations, movement & texture, very interesting! How long do you spend on something like this? Is it quite a quick process like some of your other work?

  5. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for your compliments! This one in particular did not take very long. I had a rough idea of the image in mind before starting, so it was about 20-30 minutes of total drawing time.

    By the way, your artwork is gorgeous. I admire your patience with your work! πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with your continued artistic pursuits!


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