Abstract Art Painting

This abstract art painting entitled “Highway” was created in 1998. The artwork utilizes cut canvas and acrylic paint to create a layered effect that adds a unique element of physical depth. The black and white stripes evoke a sense of confinement, while the familiar black bands with fragmented yellow lines are reminiscent of highway roads. The abstract art was built and painted organically, one layer at time, from back to front. Some areas of canvas are even painted from behind, so coloring is consistent on the layers that fold back on themselves to reveal the other side of the canvas. Similar to massive highway systems in metro areas, the roads and lines twist and turn into an unforgiving maze of paths.

Abstract Art Painting with Acrylics

8 Replies to “Abstract Art Painting”

  1. This is a beautiful painting. well done.
    but, can you please tell me who drew it, as i have an art project, and i included this picture in my project (as i really like it) , and i have to write whovever painted it.
    i hope you will reply as soon as possib;e!

  2. Hi Shania,
    Thanks for your compliments! My name is Michael D. Edens, and I am the artist that created the artworks on this site. 🙂

  3. Nice job Mikey! (:
    This is a pretty…phychodelic painting, but its sick! Im using it for an art project at school and im doind a small biography on u (:

    i was just wondering when this picture was painted?

  4. Thanks Collin! I completed this painting in 1998. Good luck with your artistic pursuits! 🙂

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