Abstract Art Faces | Drawings and Paintings of Heads

This is a series of abstract impressionistic art faces that were drawn and painted with a variety of mediums in 2008. The shapes of the faces were built up with layers of paint pens, watercolor, ink pens, acrylic paint, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Each abstract head painting has an unusual expression, and struggles to find a clear identity amidst the chaotic and energetic lines and colors. The art usually starts with a simple pen drawing of a face, and layers of medium are applied to distort, contort, and emote from the initial framework. The eyes in particular help to ground the abstract artwork with a familiar image that most peoples brains are able to identify for survival… faces.

Abstract Art Face - Impressionistic Drawing and Painting of an Head

Abstract Art Face - Green and Blue Drawing and Painting of a Head

Drawing and Painting of an Abstract Face

Abstract Impressionistic Drawing of a Head

Abstract Art - Drawing of a Face

Abstract Face in Art Work comprised of impressionistic and emotive lines and color.

28 Replies to “Abstract Art Faces | Drawings and Paintings of Heads”

  1. I really like this series, Mike. I would love to see them displayed all together on one wall. Each one does emote a different response to the viewer. Whatโ€™s interesting is the last two shown here. One is overwhelmed by line and the other seems to almost be escaping it. I also like the undercoat – flat application of color values.

    โ€œVery tasty workโ€™.

  2. Thanks Vikki, your insights about being overwhelmed vs escaping are very helpful. I have a few hundred of these faces, various sizes, with an intention to do something with them. I like your idea of hanging them all together, or even constructing a giant mosaic with more than these six. If I do, I will be sure to post pictures.

  3. Hey Mike. I am thinking of doing something like this for my HSC major artwork, do you think you could give me some tips. I really like the effects you create.



  4. Hey – I’m a high school art learner and busy with a prac at the moment. Yor works are so inspiring – they’re awesome!

  5. Thanks Cole! I’m glad to hear you’ve been inspired! Good luck with your artistic pursuits!

  6. Hi i jus wanted to let u know i am doin gcse art at the moment and i find your work really inspiring…..THANK YOU!!!

  7. Hey there!
    I was interested in using one of the images of the faces for album art for my band? Let me know if your interested.


  8. hi michela ,
    im diana of iran & im graphist. i saw your artwork & i enjoy …………thank you

  9. hey my name is and i am i currently doing my HSC, Visual Arts is one of my subjects and i therefore am requried to meet the critera of undergoing a project called “Major Artwork” this consists of any media of our chose and i am struggeling on ideas. Any help would be great.

  10. Hello,
    I am using one of your pictures the last one on the page for an ‘inspired poem’ for english. I need the artists name and the title of the work.


  11. hey i love your art work ๐Ÿ™‚
    thuimbs up
    you inspired me!!
    keep up the great work.
    tashiina thorne find me on facebook

  12. Hi I’m doing a paper on a piece of art choice in the category of abstract art for my art history class, I would love to do it on your “Green and Blue Drawing and Painting of a Head.” I love art, but the class is focusing on “art criticism” which isn’t my thing. But your art painting is the first piece of art where I really got it. You should be proud of yourself as an artist. Anyway, I have to give some information if I want to do my paper on your piece. Could you please tell me when and where you did this piece?
    Anyway love your work, keep it up =D

  13. i really like the abstract art with the faces its has a feel to each face and the colors flow with each one. dark colors a sens of darkness is thier cool colors a warm feel.


  15. I am working for a plastic surgeon whose has a large office building with 12′ to 13” ceilings with many large walls.Are you interested in working us.

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